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iallaIALLA’s mission is to support and promote the role of state/provincial and national government agencies responsible for ensuring an honest, safe, and informed marketplace while promoting consumer and business responsibility in a competitive economy.

Members of IALLA are state agency representatives whose government positions involve mission activities, and who benefit from opportunities presented through IALLA to network about motor vehicle manufacturer and consumer issues. A member may also be a federal agency involved in motor vehicle lemon law advocacy, legislation, education, enforcement, licensing, research, complaint resolution, dispute settlement or public policy development.

IALLA Subscribers include motor vehicle manufacturers, dispute resolution entities, non-profit organizations, advocates representing consumers and manufacturers, and individuals associated with these groups, providing a wide range of learning and networking opportunities.

Eligibility criteria and an application to join or renew with the applicable annual dues are available from http://www.ialla.net/member for state and federal government and educational memberships or http://www.ialla.net/subscriber for non-government (industry associations, businesses, and nonprofits) subscribers.


Conference Announcement                                               

  • IALLA’s 2017 conference will be in Virginia Beach, VA from September 10 -13. (The 13th is for the member-only annual meeting.)
  • If you are an active member or subscriber, you will be alerted by email when more information (registration, agenda, hotel) is available; or check the conference tab above within the coming months to access the information and eligibility requirements to join.
  • The tentative agenda is a work in progress.
  • A 20th IALLA Anniversary program will be presented at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.
  • IALLA membership and subscribership application links with eligibility criteria include:    

http://www.ialla.net/gov_subscription.htmfor government memberships or

http://www.ialla.net/nongov_subscription.htm for non-government subscriptions.




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President, Pauline Liese, Vermont; Vice President Public Policy, Dana Wiehle, Florida; Vice President Corporate Relations/Membership, José Escobar, California; Secretary, Alexis Ramirez, California; Treasurer, John Remy, Wisconsin; Executive Director, Rick Soletski

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